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  • Breakfast Addiction
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Very complete soap: Exfoliates, removes grasses and dirtiness, eliminates bad smells. Coffee - eliminates cellulite, tightens and soothes the skin Oatmeal - anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties
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  • Scrubs and exfoliates the skin. Great for oily skin type, acne and eczema. Cinamon - Antiseptic, heals wounds, relieves itching. Cinnamon oil -  Anti-inflammatory, purifying, nourishes skin Patchouli oil -  Anti-inflammatory, purifying, nourishes skin   Note: Enter coupon APHRODISIAC to have a reduction of 7%!
  • Stimulates circulation in the body, helps treating dry skin, anti-dandruff for the hair. Stinging Nettle extract - Soothing, astringent, tonic, anti-dandruff shampoo, hair conditioning. Eucalyptus oil - Tonic and masking. Peppermint oil - Tonic, refreshing, cleansing, deodorant.
  • Gentle to the skin, regenerates and refreshes. Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin, calms down. Melissa oil - Tones, softens skin. Oatmeal - Acts as moisturiser, regenerates skin, gentle scrubber.
  • Cedar Shampoo
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Hair soap, with the combination of the extract of 3 roots of plants: Burdock root extract - nourishes the scalp, anti-seborrhea. Nettle root extract - strengthens hair, dandruff. Saponaria root extract - purifying, excellent cleaner, great lather, anti-eczema.
  • Our Fairtrade Raw Organic Shea Butter is 100% unrefined, as raw, natural and as beautiful as you can get it. It retains all its natural content (vitamins A, E, F, minerals, proteins and a fatty acid profile) to ensure that it is suitable for a variety of skin types and that it will help your skin retain its brilliance and elasticity.
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  • The Provencal Lavender
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Creamy, antiseptic, gentle, wonderful calming smell! Lavender oil - Antibacterial, heals wounds, relieves itching. Castor oil -  Anti-inflammatory, purifying, nourishes skin